Dog Walking Fourways – Duke was very happy to be going on his walk, as he always is. He is such a joyful dog, and so wonderful to take out. He was very relaxed today, though still curious. Duke was very well-behaved, and laid back. He always greets strangers with a smile. He had a grand time walking the streets with his walker, and friends Ozzy and Roxy, who he gets along with very well. We always look forward to our next walk with this beaut!

Did You Know?

Although they are often associated with gangs, dog fighting and vicious attacks, an article on Yahoo! explains that Pit Bulls used to be known as “nanny dogs” for their gentleness and loving personality, illustrating that mistreatment and abuse is often what causes these dogs to snap. Acting violently isn’t in their natural disposition (Duke is a perfect example of this). No animal is born vicious.  It all depends on how they are raised and taught to behave in certain situations – it’s not their fault if they are raised to fight. There are people out there that raise Pit Bulls solely to be aggressive for the purpose of fighting.  Any animal can turn out to be vicious if they are raised to be that way.  Pit Bulls naturally are no more vicious than any other popular dog. They often have such a bad reputation, but are not actually bad dogs. They are happy, intelligent, loving and playful.

Sources: Thought CatalogSave Pit Bulls



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