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Dog Walking in Rivonia Johannesburg – The three German Shepherds, Penny, Zorin and Tawnee were very excited to see their walkers this morning! They could not contain their joy and ran around before getting their leads on. Zorin was very spritely, and was determined to smell everything! Penny was laid back and kept a good pace with Tawnee. Tawnee was curious, but calm. The three had a lovely walk, getting lots of smiles from people in cars going past. It was a lovely cool morning and relaxed walk with these beautiful dogs of Johannesburg.

Did You Know?

In 1889, breeder Max von Stephanitz noticed a wolf-like dog with yellow and black markings at a dog show in western Germany. Impressed by the pooch’s intelligence and discipline, the breeder purchased the dog. Von Stephanitz then started the German Shepherd Dog Club and set up guidelines for the breed’s standard. His motto for the breed was “utility and intelligence”; good looks came second.

As Germany became more industrialized, von Stephanitz realized that the need for his dogs might decline. To maintain their relevance, he worked with police and other service workers to secure a place for the dogs in the working force. Since they had been bred to be highly intelligent and athletic, they were easy to train and were tireless workers. Thanks to von Stephanitz’s help, the diligent canines found work as messengers and guards.

During the war, Germans used the dogs for a number of purposes. Mercy dogs brought first aid to wounded soldiers after battle and would stay near mortally injured soldiers to keep them company as they passed away. Others delivered messages or worked as guard dogs.

Americans were so impressed with these pooches that they took some home. The United States was captivated with the breed’s appearance, and they soon became wildly popular.

Source: Mental Floss


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