“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
― Josh Billings 

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It was an early start to the day, walking dogs in Johannesburg, as we made our way to Cresta to fetch our resident Alsatians, Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. They started out very excited and full of energy this morning and then calmed down and seemed focused on enjoying their walk. Lynne joined us for the walk, which was lovely. The sun is coming up earlier these days, and it’s warmer in the morning which everyone enjoys. We got to enjoy the sunrise in the bustling city, where cars raced past us. How lucky are we to not have to sit in all that traffic!

The pups are getting ready for next week, when Lynne and her husband go off on an overseas adventure! They will be in good hands though, as #YourHound_SA takes over the reins for a while.

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Interesting Fact about Alsatians:

They’re very energetic and need a way to burn off some energy, because they have a lot. They demand daily walks and playtime. If they’re not properly exercised, they’ll often respond by being destructive, barking, running around wildly inside the house and generally acting out.

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