Dog Walking in Ferndale Johannesburg

Let us know what you think on Facebook and Google, we’d love to hear from you! Dog Walking in Ferndale Johannesburg – It was an absolutely beautiful day to be going to the park! The sun was out, the dogs were ready to be walking, and so were the walkers! The pack could not contain their excitement as Read more about Dog Walking in Ferndale Johannesburg[…]

Pet Sitting in Johannesburg

Pet Sitting in Johannesburg – Meet Jagger! The newest addition to our Your Hound family is this adorable Labrador pup, Jagger. He is a spunky little fellow, with tons of energy. He loves to play, especially if it involves chewing or tug of war. He is quite a graceful little pup, prancing around the garden Read more about Pet Sitting in Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walking Bryanston Johannesburg

We’d love to hear from you – like, comment, share and rate us on Facebook and Google. Join the conversation! Dog Walking Bryanston Johannesburg – Dulux and Belle had a very tiring day! After their walk, we decided they should have some social time, and a trip to the park. So off to the park we went! It Read more about Dog Walking Bryanston Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walkers Northgate Johannesburg

Dog Walkers Northgate Johannesburg – Off to the park we went! Molly and Sam were super excited to be going for their walk. They were jumping around when they were fetched, and almost sprinted from home to the park. They dashed to the nearest dam as soon as they could, and had a good cool Read more about Dog Walkers Northgate Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walking in Johannesburg – Fun at the Park

We went dog walking in Johannesburg this morning with some of our favorite pups. Molly May and Sam were very excited to get going today when they saw their walker, because they knew that today we were heading to the park! Going to the park means the dogs get to run around together and even Read more about Dog Walking in Johannesburg – Fun at the Park[…]

At the Dog Park in Sharonlea

It was slightly cool morning, but warmed up for a lovely walk in the dog park in Sharonlea. We took Labradors Molly May and Sam, along with Ozzy and Roxy for some fun and socialising in the wide open spaces of the park. We came across a beautiful little dam that was completely surrounded by Read more about At the Dog Park in Sharonlea[…]