Dog Walkers Northgate Johannesburg – Off to the park we went! Molly and Sam were super excited to be going for their walk. They were jumping around when they were fetched, and almost sprinted from home to the park. They dashed to the nearest dam as soon as they could, and had a good cool off. Molly and Sam play so well together, and definitely tire each other out. We then took a walk across the big field to the bigger dam, which the pups were ecstatic about. They got to chase each other, and jump over obstacles. Ozzy and Roxy always love going to the park with these two because it is guaranteed to be fun. After another swim in the big dam and retrieving some sticks, it was time to go. We look forward to our next energetic trip to the park!

Fun Fact About Labs:

While all dogs can generally have a very enthusiastic relationship with their dinner, this is never more true than with a Labrador! The way to a Labrador’s heart really is through their stomachs, and positive reinforcement training using treats is one of the easiest ways to teach your Labrador new skills. However, Labs really take their love of food to the next level, and will never miss an opportunity to get their teeth into something tasty! This means that they adopt an ‘eat first, think later’ attitude.

Source: Pets4Homes


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