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Dog Walking in Ferndale Johannesburg – It was an absolutely beautiful day to be going to the park! The sun was out, the dogs were ready to be walking, and so were the walkers! The pack could not contain their excitement as we entered the park, and once they were all off lead, it was chaos. It was a race to the dam, and the dogs were just so happy! After some playing in the dam and running around, we decided we would go on a little adventure and climb the little hill in the park! Some of the dogs were not sure at first, but once they started exploring, they found it to be very fun! Once at the top we spotted an owl sitting on a branch! The owl didn’t seem to scare easily and kept flying quite close to us, and we then realised that it was trying to grab Roxy! So we went back down to have a last swim in the dam, before heading back. The pack was finished! Every new trip to the park seems to top the last, and this one certainly did! We look forward to another fantastic park trip next week!

Calm before the storm!





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