Dog Walker Jozi

Dog Walker Jozi – It was a crisp morning, with the lovely pups of Your Hound. Two Schnauzers, Chloe and Bella, joined the walk with Ozzy and Roxy, as well as Alsatians Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. These two fireballs of energy always have a blast getting to explore with their friends. They meet new people, Read more about Dog Walker Jozi[…]

Dog Walker in Bryanston Johannesburg

Dog Walker in Bryanston Johannesburg – Dulux and Belle, our favourite Alaskan Malamutes, were very eager to get going on their walk today! They couldn’t wait to get their leads on and show the streets what they’re made of! On the way, a lady stopped her car to admire the pack, including Ozzy and Roxy, and Read more about Dog Walker in Bryanston Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walking Bryanston Joburg

Dog Walking Bryanston Joburg Dulux and Belle are always so enthusiastic about their walks! As soon as they see their walkers, they know they’re in for a treat. They jumped up and down a lot this morning, and just wanted to get going! When we finally got on our way, the two were very happy Read more about Dog Walking Bryanston Joburg[…]

Dulux and Bella of Joburg

We took Dulux and Belle walking a bit later than usual today, which was quite nice. It warmed up a bit, but not so much that they would be uncomfortable. We toured the area of Fontainebleau in Joburg, and kept to the quieter roads, which was really nice. We did come across a main road Read more about Dulux and Bella of Joburg[…]

Tour of Fontainebleau

“All his life he tried to be a good person. Many times, however, he failed. For after all, he was only human. He wasn’t a dog.” ― Charles M. Schulz Source: Goodreads Our tour of Fontainebleau was joined by the lovely Alaskan Malamutes, Dulux and Belle. Dulux was very eager to get started on his walk, Read more about Tour of Fontainebleau[…]

Good Times in Fontainebleau

Today Dulux and Belle were ecstatic to see their friends Ozzy and Roxy. They were in a very playful mood, and could not wait to say ‘hello’ to everyone and start their much loved morning walk. We decided to take a new route with the group, to keep things interesting. Everyone seemed to be in Read more about Good Times in Fontainebleau[…]