Oz Rox 2
Ozzy and Roxy looking forward to walking with their buddies

Today Dulux and Belle were ecstatic to see their friends Ozzy and Roxy. They were in a very playful mood, and could not wait to say ‘hello’ to everyone and start their much loved morning walk. We decided to take a new route with the group, to keep things interesting. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood this morning, as many people greeted the dogs and waited before going so we could walk past.

Dulux Bella1
Dulux and Belle enjoying the Fontainebleau sun

The Huskies, Dulux and Belle, were excited in the beginning, but calmed down a little bit as they got in to the rhythm of the walk, and focused on taking in the new surroundings. There is quite a lot of construction going on in the area, which is very interesting. There’s new obstacles, and plenty new smells to keep everyone very well entertained. We came across a wall with some very artistic graffiti and the pack took a break in the shade to have a look. We played a little bit and then continued on the lovely walk. It’s finally starting to warm up a bit in Fontainebleau, so it was quite pleasant to have the warmth of the sun on us. We did some very vigorous walking up some of the hills in the suburb, which exerted quite a lot of energy and made everyone a little bit tired. The dogs were very well behaved this morning and were really happy about their morning walk by the end of it. They said ‘goodbye’ to Ozzy and Roxy and then went to rest for a bit, but it was short-lived. They are excited for next week’s walk already!

graffiti 2
Some of the graffiti we came across on the streets of Fontainebleau



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