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These two always look so happy about life!

We took Dulux and Belle walking a bit later than usual today, which was quite nice. It warmed up a bit, but not so much that they would be uncomfortable. We toured the area of Fontainebleau in Joburg, and kept to the quieter roads, which was really nice. We did come across a main road at some point, and people just loved to look at the beautiful dogs that are Dulux, Belle, Ozzy and Roxy. The Malamutes were in a very playful mood, and were very interested in other dogs we passed by. Some parts of the neighbourhood came alive with various animals responding vocally to our presence. It was almost like being famous! On the way back, a lady stopped her car to admire these magnificent pups, and warn us that her dog might run outside when she opened the gate. She was intrigued by this dog walking service and whether Dulux and Belle might be too hot. We assured her they were going back to shade and water, and they were quite happy. They had a lovely day of exploration together with their buddies, and we can’t wait to see them again for their next session of exercise!

These four friends looking happy together
These four friends looking happy together

We’ve heard that Malamutes can be prone to chewing things, like shoes, as are many other dogs. Have a look at this post for more information on why and how to help them stop.


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