Pet Sitting North Riding – It’s been a lovely week of visiting these three pups! Tess, Duke and Bella are always so excited to get to run around outside, and play a bit. They also get sprayed off on particularly hot days, which they thoroughly enjoy. Duke loves to keep is paws wet, but doesn’t like them being sandy, so he spends a lot of time running around, cleaning his paws, getting them dirty, and coming back to clean them off again. It definitely tires him out! The ladies enjoy chasing each other around the garden and play-fighting. These three are so full of love, and make sure to show their appreciation to their visitor. We love getting to visit them, and to watch them love life!


Dogs Are Amazing! Did You Know?

No, it’s not just to make themselves look super cute. Dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep due to an age-old instinct to keep themselves warm and protect their abdomen and vital organs from predators.

Express yourself. Dogs’ ears are extremely expressive. There are more than a dozen separate muscles that control a dog’s ear movements.

No night vision goggles needed! Dogs’ eyes contain a special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see in the dark.

Here’s looking at you. Dogs have three eyelids, an upper lid, a lower lid and the third lid, called a nictitating membrane or “haw,” which helps keep the eye moist and protected.

Dogs do dream! Dogs and humans have the same type of slow wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM) and during this REM stage dogs can dream. The twitching and paw movements that occur during their sleep are signs that your pet is dreaming

Source: Pet Finder

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