Dog Walkers Northcliff Johannesburg – Welcome Spencer and Roxy! These two fantastic Golden Retrievers are the latest addition to our ever-growing pack! They are a great pair that work very well together. These two are very enthusiastic and are getting into the routine of going on walks, which they seem to enjoy. Roxy and Spencer met Malamutes Dulux and Belle, and Jack Russells Ozzy and Roxy when they went out on their first walk. We think these six will become very good friends! The Golden Retrievers are quite a curious pair, and like to explore new smells and areas. We are so happy to have them joining us!



Did You Know?

Because of its uncanny smelling abilities, in addition to its intelligence, the Golden Retriever is an ideal breed for training for many important jobs. They have been known to accompany people on search and rescue missions, act as guide dogs for the blind, sniff out bombs and drugs at airports, and has been known to partake in water rescue and lifesaving efforts. They are also trained to be therapy dogs. Research indicates that interaction with therapy dogs can temporarily affect the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain; levels of oxytocin (linked with bonding) and dopamine (involved in the reward-motivation system) are increased, while cortisol levels (an immunosuppressant associated with stress) are decreased.

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