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This morning was a good start with German Shepherds Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. They were quite calm today, and walked very nicely together.
Everyone seemed to be in a chilled mood, as even the other dogs in the neighborhood weren’t as vocal as they usually are. The main road was quite busy with cars and pedestrians who seemed to find joy in seeing the pack of dogs getting their exercise in. The rest of the roads were fairly quiet, which made for a relaxed walk, but when there were cars, the drivers and passengers almost always gave the dogs a second glance. The pedestrians were also very interested in seeing these beautiful creatures, while being cautious. We took a slightly different route from the usual one, which the dogs quite enjoyed.

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Ozzy and Roxy enjoying their time in Cresta

Ozzy and Roxy came with on the walk, and really enjoyed getting to see their friends and explore Cresta a bit. They discovered many new smells and socialized a bit with the German Shepherds. It was a laid-back walk with all the dogs of #YourHound_SA, which seemed to be in order.

An Interesting Fact About Jack Russells…

Jack Russell Terriers originated in England in the 1800’s and were originally bred for fox bolting and hunting. They are also one of only a few dog breeds to be named after the person who bred them. A fox bolting dog would accompany a pack of foxhounds and “bolt” after foxes. Jack Russell Terriers were small enough to enter warrens yet big enough to also run with the hounds.

Sources: Find FastJack Russell Facts

For a little bit more on what happened later on in the day, have a look here


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