“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?”
—Jonathan Safran Foer

Source: Dog Time

Evie the Lab
Evie the Lab

Evie joined the madness and could not contain the energy produced from her excitement. She is a lot stronger than she may appear to be and pulled on her walker so we could get there faster and she could have some fun. There was a small pack of Labradors at the entrance to the park in Randpark Ridge, and Evie appeared to be very drawn to her fellow labs, so she immediately wanted to say ‘hi’ and have a good sniff. Then it was time to be off the leash, and she went off as fast as the other dogs. She went for a brief run with one of the walkers, which was lots of fun. Socializing and meeting new dogs, can be very tiring, but Evie loved it. She found good companions in Ozzy and Roxy, and stuck with them to sniff around and meet some new dogs, as well as looking for some shade for a much deserved rest.  It has gotten so much hotter in the past few days, which is quite nice in the early morning, but after some exercise, a good dose of shade does a lot of good.

(Left to right) Eco, Evie, Connor and Loki have a rest in the shade

After a couple of minutes in the park, all we could see was pink tongues flapping about, which was quite entertaining. Dog walking can be so much fun, especially with this lovely group! We’ll definitely be coming back to this park.

For more details and pictures on today’s walk, have a look at Dog Friendly Park and Dog Walking Randpark Ridge


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