Dog Walking Cresta Johannesburg – It was the perfect morning for dog walking! The clouds were over the sun, though it was still warm, and there was a lovely cool breeze. Chloe and Bella were especially excited to see their friends, Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. Bella was interested by every house we walked past, and Chloe seemed to be focused on the other dogs in the pack. Ozzy and Roxy were happy to be walking with these two fantastic pups, and it was an awesome morning with the pack.

Did You Know This?

A Jack Russell named Bothy made history as part of the Transglobe Expedition in 1982 where Ranulph Fiennes and Charles Burton journeyed around the world on its polar axis, using surface transport only. Nobody else had ever done so by any route before then nor has anyone since. Owned by explorers Ranulph and Ginny Fiennes, Bothy became the first dog to travel to both the north and south poles. This feat is unlikely to be repeated, as all dogs have been banned from Antarctica by the Antarctic Treaty nations since 1994, due to fears that they could transmit diseases to the native seal population. Ranulph Fiennes and Charles Burton actually made the trip to the north pole by powered sledges before signalling to the base camp that they had arrived. To celebrate their achievement, a plane was sent out to take the two men champagne, along with Bothy.



Source: Wikipedia

Images: Transglobe ExpeditionFreeze Frame


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