Dog Walkers Randburg

Dog Walkers Randburg – It was a crisp summer morning, perfect for a good walk with some of our favourite dogs! After picking up Penny, Zorin and Tawnee, we were off to get the two Schnauzers, Chloe and Bella. They were very excited to see their buddies, as always, and couldn’t wait to get walking. Read more about Dog Walkers Randburg[…]

Dog Walking Cresta Johannesburg

Dog Walking Cresta Johannesburg – It was the perfect morning for dog walking! The clouds were over the sun, though it was still warm, and there was a lovely cool breeze. Chloe and Bella were especially excited to see their friends, Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. Bella was interested by every house we walked past, and Read more about Dog Walking Cresta Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walker Jozi

Dog Walker Jozi – It was a crisp morning, with the lovely pups of Your Hound. Two Schnauzers, Chloe and Bella, joined the walk with Ozzy and Roxy, as well as Alsatians Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. These two fireballs of energy always have a blast getting to explore with their friends. They meet new people, Read more about Dog Walker Jozi[…]

Dog Walking in Cresta

Today seemed like a good day to go dog walking in Cresta! Chloe and Bella were very excited to go on their morning walk of the area, with their friends Penny, Zorin, Tawnee, Ozzy and Roxy. As soon as they saw them, the pair jumped up and down and expressed their excitement vocally. After we Read more about Dog Walking in Cresta[…]

Dog-Friendly Neighbourhood of Cresta

“If I had a dollar for every time my dog made me smile, I’d be a millionaire.” – Unknown Source: Pinterest It was a lovely fresh morning in the dog-friendly neighbourhood of Cresta. Our Schnauzers Chloe and Bella joined that pack that had already contained Penny, Zorin, Tawnee, Ozzy and Roxy. They were very happy to be Read more about Dog-Friendly Neighbourhood of Cresta[…]