Dog Walkers Sandton Johannesburg – Ekho and Loki, our favourite two Vizslas, joined our weekly walk in the park and had a fantastic time with the other dogs! They were able to run around freely and chase sounds to their hearts’ content. The two were full of energy when we got to the park, and definitely tired themselves out with all the fun! They got to meet some of our other dogs – Connor and Evie – as well as socialise with other dogs strolling in the park. They chased some birds, and raced for the ball that was thrown – what a successful walk! We can’t wait for them to come with on our next trip to the park.


Did You Know?

Sometimes known as the Hungarian Pointer, Vizslas are thought to have descended from hunting dogs used by the Magyars, who settled in Hungary over a thousand years ago. The dogs were said to be used by nobles and warlords of the time, to hunt game birds and hares. The dogs were trained to hone their skills in pointing and hunting. Images of Vizslas can be found in ancient Hungarian art. At that time, the breed looked much different than today: they had longer muzzles and a bonier skull. Some had a more houndy appearance, with long ears, while others ranged in colour from chocolate brown to almost bleached out.

Source: Dog Time


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