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Often we struggle to go on holiday because we either don’t want to leave our pets behind, or we don’t want to take them to an expensive, boring kennel. Your Hound has got the solution! We offer dog walking and pet sitting services over the December holiday period so you can go on that much deserved break, rest assured that your pets are being well taken care of with the love, exercise and attention that they need.

Why Us?

We offer in-home pet visits, ensuring that your pets stay in a familiar environment, with an uninterrupted routine, which minimises their stress. We’ll even open and close your curtains, and water your plants. The activity in your home is always a plus too.We are even able to transport your pets to and from the veterinarian or groomer, with our convenient Pet Taxi. We also provide a messaging service to let you know when we arrive and leave, and how things are going with your pets. We have an outstanding reputation for our excellent pet services, which are guaranteed to give you the opportunity to go away more often, while knowing that your precious pets are in good hands.  You’ll come home home to happier, less stressed pets!


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