dog plays with sunglasses at the beach on summer vacation holidays

Source: Chicago Now

With Summer fast approaching, we decided everyone could use a little inspiration to get through the last few days of cold, and what better way than to look at some super cute pups who are loving the Summer life! We hope these happy Summer dogs get you in the mood for warmer weather…

Who doesn’t love a good braai?


Source: Cooler Press

Drink in the hand and toes in the sand!


Source: Cooler Press

The only thing better than a surfing dog, is TWO surfing dogs!


Source: Cooler Press

Everyone loves to lounge by the pool with friends…


Source: Cooler Press

And some just take the plunge!


Source: Cooler Press

Sometimes the best part about Summer is the road trips!


Source: Cooler Press

Romantic picnic in the park, anyone??


Source: Cooler Press

The definition of ‘happiness’


Source: Cooler Press

And after all that excitement, sometimes all you need is an afternoon nap!


Source: New Age Pet


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