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The 3 Alsatians wait patiently

Summer dog walking in Johannesburg, today we went walking dogs in Johannesburg, which was a lot of fun, as usual. Penny, Zorin and Tawnee were happy as always to see their walker, and friends Ozzy and Roxy this morning. They had a lot of energy to expend on their walk, and they were very successful on that front. The 3 seemed very interested in new smells today, stopping every now and then to get a whiff of something. They were also very well-behaved when we walked through a neighbourhood full of other barking dogs. The three were very energetic and playful today. They had a wonderful time, strolling around the neighbourhood with their buddies. The traffic wasn’t too hectic this morning, so we didn’t get as much attention as usual, but no-one seemed to mind. Chloe and Bella joined the walk this morning and couldn’t contain their excitement when they saw their German Shepherd friends. It was quite cool, which can be nice for these dogs when they’re doing exercise, as they don’t run the risk of overheating. The walk seemed very quick, and before we knew it, it was time to say ‘goodbye’. We look forward to seeing them again next week!


A Fun Fact About These Dogs

They are very curious dogs. A German shepherd isn’t one to stay away from something because he’s not sure what it is. They love exploring their surroundings, often checking out a garden’s boundary when they go outside each day. Their curiosity is especially noticeable when they’re puppies, getting into everything they can get their paws and nose on.

Source: [the nest]

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