YOURHOUND Pet Services makes is easy for you to find a dog walker in Sandton. We connect dog walking service providers, who take care of exercising your pets in the event you are unable to.

It might just be for the times when you’re at work and don’t have enough time in a day to take your pup on a walk, or for when you’re away and need to make sure your dog still gets the exercise he/she needs.

Dog Walker In Sandton

Dogs build up a lot of energy if they don’t release it properly every day, which can be detrimental to their (and your) mental sanity. Ensuring your dog(s) get their necessary exercise every day is very important for their health.

Find a dog walker in Sandton

YOURHOUND Pet Services makes it easy to find a dog walker in Sandton that can help you with taking care of exercising your beloved pets. A good walk is about 45 minutes in duration, and completed around your area. The dogs are able to familiarise themselves with their area, and to discover new smells and sights. On occasion, dogs may go to a dog park, so that they are able to run off lead and explore to their hearts’ content.

Search pet sitting services

We also list pet sitting and pet boarding service providers. In the event that you go away. Leave your pets in the comfort of their own home. You don’t need to put your pets in a kennel. (Read more about pet sitting vs kennel care, visit this post).

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