This afternoon we went off to the park in Sharonlea with Labradors, Molly May and Sam. They had a treat of a walk, and got to play in the water. It was so hot, so it was a fantastic and fun way to cool off for them. They really enjoyed getting to run around as fast as they can (which is pretty fast), and to play with each other, as well as to see their friends Ozzy and Roxy. They got to say ‘hello’ to some other dogs in the park too and were very friendly. They were very happy to be out and about with their walker and friends, and had an absolute blast. We can’t wait to see them again!

sam mol
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A Fun Fact About Labs

The Labrador is famous for its love of water, which is no wonder as it originated in Newfoundland, Canada and was a helper for fishermen, fetching nets and rope or retrieving fish escaped from the nets from the icy sea.

Labrador retrievers are made for the water, from their webbed toes to their rudder-like tail. But what makes them ready for even the most chilly water is their double coat.

The distinctive coat is made of an outer layer of dense, straight longer hairs and an under layer of soft downy-like fur that acts as an insulating layer. This undercoat traps heat and keeps water out as it allows the dog’s natural oils to repel water, making the coat essentially waterproof.

The coat is perfect for keeping warm and dry but can be a bit of a nightmare for owners when the Labrador sheds its coat twice a year. For anyone who has had a Labrador, you’re familiar with endless fur that piles up in heaps during a brushing session!


For a look at some of the other dogs who walked today, go here (Duke)here (Dulux & Bella)here (Penny, Zorin & Tawnee) and here (Chloe & Bella)


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