“You are a great birthday friend because you let me scratch you behind your ears without expecting me to find a quarter or a rabbit or really anything magical.”

Source: Happy Birthday

evie birthday

Happy birthday to one of our lovely labs, Evie! (for 31 August) To celebrate the (woof) day, we took her out for a walk in the park with her friends Connor, Ozzy and Roxy. It was a lovely cool morning, which is ideal for running about! We immediately met a big group of dogs in the park, which Evie really enjoyed saying ‘hi’ to. The four dogs had a good run around with the other group before breaking off to play a game of Fetch, which everyone enthusiastically participated in. Evie was particularly speedy today, and beat out the boys and Roxy for the ball. We also had a rest in the middle because all that exercise is very exhausting. Evie had a wonderful day out with her friends and got rid of a ton of energy. She was very well-behaved and glad to drink some water when she got home. We hope the next year of her life is filled with lovely days like these!

3 again
Connor, Ozzy and Evie wait patiently for the ball to be thrown


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