Duke exploring the new suburb

Today we decided that Duke the Pit bull could use a bit of socializing with some other dogs, so we loaded him in the car, and went off to fetch Labradors Molly May and Sam in Sharonlea. At first Duke was very determined to smell absolutely everything near him on the path, including the other dogs, but once he was familiar with his new surroundings and friends, he relaxed a bit and enjoyed the walk. The neighborhood was quite quiet at that time of day, which was nice for the dogs and walkers. We went past a section of a street where there seemed to be A LOT of dogs who were very vocal about this pack walking past, which caused a lot of excitement, but things calmed down a bit after that. We noticed the recycle truck come past and stop, and the guys seemed very pleased about the happy dogs walking past. Duke was very content with his walk, and excited to drink some water and chill in the shade a bit when he got back home.

A Word About Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls have a zest for life and love to be involved in everything going on around them. They maintain a puppyish demeanor well into adulthood, and that vitality makes them a joy to live with. Once you have met and gotten to know this breed you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Source: American Pit Bull Terrier

A bit more about this walk: Molly May and Sam Join


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