Dog walkers in Johannesburg – We went off again with our favourite three German Shepherds, Penny, Zorin and Tawnee who were very excited to be getting their early morning walk. They’re always so enthusiastic about their exercise, as well as very energetic which this breed is known for. It was a lovely walk with the three, who were very playful with each other. They enjoyed their walk of the area, sniffing about and making people in the traffic smile, as always. It was a fun-tastic walk with these three pups!

Why German Shepherds are Awesome Dogs

They Make Fine Family Companions
While they may be known for their policing and guarding know-how, the German Shepherd is actually a great breed for families with older children, as they are highly trainable, extremely loyal and very committed to their owners

The Breed Has Been Around for Quite a While
We have Captain Max von Stephanitz from Germany to thank for the breeding of the first German Shepherd back in 1899. As a mix of old breeds of herding and farm dogs, the first American German Shepherd was exhibited in 1907, and thanks to the loveable sidekicks known as Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart, the breed quickly shot up the ranks of popularity.

Their Guarding Skills Are No Joke

So you’ve seen them around the train stations or the police station with the cops before–no big deal, right? Actually, as it turns out, it’s a very big deal, because the German Shepherd dog is actually hailed as the world’s leading police, military and guard dog.

Thanks for all the hard work you do out there keeping us safe, guys!

Source: Philly


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