Dog Walker Joburg – At Your Hound Pet Services, we have a passion for dogs, and all kinds of other pets. We love to hear stories of how pets have helped humans in wonderful ways like in the following story.

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Port Tampa Bay, Florida, USA: Stacey Savige knocked on her neighbour, Yolanda Sevogia’s, door one morning to ask her to watch a lost terrier she found roaming the local primary school. Yolanda agreed, but that it would only be for the day. They then printed ‘Found’ fliers, and posted an ad on popular classifieds site, Craigslist. Yolanda then went to the shop to get some supplies for the dog, and told her sons not to get too attached. Yolanda’s son Azaiah was 10 years old at the time, and Christian was 21. Christian has Down Syndrome, among other illnesses, and has recently undergone heart and kidney surgeries.

A few days later, Yolanda was still looking after the dog, who they now called RaeLee (pronounced Riley). When Yolanda got home from work, RaeLee flung himself against the screen door and barked madly at her. As soon as she opened the door, RaeLee sprinted to the boys’ room where Yolanda discovered Christian experiencing a violent seizure. As soon as Yolanda went to help her son, RaeLee went silent.

Yolanda told the Tampa Bay Times, “If he hadn’t come to get me, the neurologist said Christian would have choked on his own blood and died,”. By this point, no-one had claimed RaeLee, so Yolanda decided to keep him. Then, the next day, a man named Randy recognized his dog on one of the fliers and called Stacey. She started crying on the phone and told him how the dog had saved her friend’s son. When Randy drove to Yolanda’s house to pick up the dog, he saw Azaiah crying on the porch, and Christian in the window. After a few moments Randy said, “Maybe Odie was supposed to find you, maybe you should keep him.”

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Source: Mashable

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