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Preparing Your Home For The Dog Sitter

Preparing your home for the dog sitter. We can’t always take our dogs with us when we travel.
And, sometimes, our dogs are happiest at home, surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds. Whatever your reason for traveling without your pet, hiring a qualified pet sitter is a great alternative to boarding or kennels. Chances are your dog will already be missing you while you’re away, so allowing him to stay at home, rather than in an unfamiliar place can ease stress for you both. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters put together this great list of what should be done in preparing your home for the dog sitter.

Preparing Your Home For The Dog Sitter

  • Leave a piece of clothing that you’ve recently worn near where your pet sleeps as a reminder of you.
  • Display the name and phone number of your vet in a prominent place.  Show it to the pet sitter before departing.
  • Place out appropriate food and water bowls for your pet’s use.  Clean them beforehand.
  • Put everything needed for your pet’s care in a specific area so the sitter doesn’t have to search for leashes, food or medications.  Let the sitter know where these items are.
  • If the sitter will be coming in the evening, hook up a timer light so he/she will not have to come to a dark house. It will be homier for your pet as well.
  • Select a neighbor to keep an eye on your place while you’re gone.
  • Let him/her know that a pet sitter will be coming to your home while you’re away.
  • Provide him/her with a key in case of an emergency, inclement weather or in the event the pet sitter cannot make a scheduled visit.
  • Give the pet sitter the neighbor’s name and phone number.

Read more great tips from NAPPS here. Remember, leaving your dog behind when you travel can be stressful for the both of you, but taking a few moments to prepare in advance will ensure a happy homecoming with your pup.

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Source: Preparing Your Home for the Dog Sitter

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