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House Sitting

Petpro's offer overnight stays at your residence. Providing comforting companionship for your beloved pets
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Daily Pet Visits

Ensure your Pet's well-being with Daily Pet Visits for feeding and checkups, providing comfort and care!
4 Listings

Dog Walking

Find reliable dog walking services in your area! Dedicated Petpro's keep your pup happy and active!
1 Listing

Pet Training

Unlock your pet's potential with expert training from dedicated Petpro's. Tailored lessons for lasting results!
1 Listing

Pet Boarding

Create a home-away-from-home experience for your pets at a Petpro's welcoming residence.
1 Listing

Pet Transport

Find Petpro's for hassle-free Pet Transport. Offering convenient Pet collection and drop-off services!


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Receive messages to check availability. Use dashboard to manage bookings and secure payments. Complete orders, request reviews. Get paid!

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Pet Services

YOURHOUND Pet Services is your platform connecting Pet owners and a growing network of Independent Pet Service Providers. We make it easy for you to find and connect with the perfect pet service professional. Are you’re looking for house sitting, daily visits (pet sitting), grooming, dog walking or other related services. YOURHOUND simplifies the process.

Our system includes secure bookings and payments. With just a few clicks, you can easily communicate and confirm your booking. At YOURHOUND, we’re committed to making your entire experience as effortless and worry-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Managed Pet Services?

    YOURHOUND Pet Services offer various Pet Service solutions. Managed Pet Services is where we take responsibility in making 100% sure your booking is completed. Our backup team work together to ensure you and your pets are never let down.

  • What is Pet boarding?

    Pet boarding is provided by Pet Service Providers who offer to care for pets in the comfort of their own home and involves a more personalised level of care and comfort.

  • How to List a Pet Service?

    Once registered and you have created an attractive profile, you are ready to List a Pet Service. Create individual listings for each service you offer. Each listing should be tailored to a specific service, featuring its distinct set of details for the service offered, corresponding rates and terms of service. Connect with Support  for free training, and learn how to provide trusted pet services.

  • How to register as a Pet Service Provider?

    On mobile, simply click the green (+) or on desktop click the “List a Pet Service” [button] as displayed in the images below. Click Register and fill out the registration form. Next, check your email to verify your account, return to the website, login and create an attractive profile.

    Click the green (+) on mobile.
    Click the “List a Pet Service” on desktop.
  • What is Daily Pet Visits?

    Daily Pet Visits is another term used for Pet sitting. The service involves caring for someone else’s pets in their own home while the pet owners are away. A pet sitter typically visits the home to provide various services such as feeding, walking, playing, and administering medications to the pets. The goal is to maintain the pets’ routines and keep them comfortable and happy in their familiar environment.

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