Dog Walking by Jono (Monthly)

Dog Walking by Jono (Monthly)
Dog Walking by Jono (Monthly)
Dog Walking by Jono (Monthly)
Dog Walking by Jono (Monthly)
Dog Walking by Jono (Monthly)
Dog Walking by Jono (Monthly)
Fourways, Sandton, Bryanston, Randburg, Olivedale, Hydepark
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For my monthly dog walking services, I offer flexible options to suit your pet’s needs:

4 Walks per Month: A great choice for a once-a-week outing to keep your dog active and happy.

8 Walks per Month: Perfect for bi-weekly adventures, ensuring your pup gets regular exercise and fresh air.

12 Walks per Month: An excellent option for three walks a week, providing consistent activity and companionship.

16 Walks per Month: For the most active pups, this option offers four weekly walks, promoting fitness and social interaction.

To book me for your furry friend’s monthly walks, simply select the quantity of days on the calendar, to indicate how many walks you’d like per month. 4,8,12 or 16 days in a row. (Select a single date for a meeting)

My service is designed to be recurring, ensuring your pet gets the regular exercise and attention they need.

Additionally, I may add additional walks to build up credits in case I’m not available due to health, holidays, or other unforeseen circumstances. With my passion for the outdoors and animals, I’m here to provide a reliable and enjoyable walking experience for your dogs. Let’s make those monthly walks and pet care routines something your pups will look forward to!

Please message me, If you have any questions.

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