Dog Walking Cresta Johannesburg

Dog Walking Cresta Johannesburg – It was the perfect morning for dog walking! The clouds were over the sun, though it was still warm, and there was a lovely cool breeze. Chloe and Bella were especially excited to see their friends, Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. Bella was interested by every house we walked past, and Read more about Dog Walking Cresta Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walking Linden Johannesburg

Dog Walking Linden Johannesburg – Penny, Zorin and Tawnee were very excited to see their walkers this morning! It’s always lovely to get our early morning started with these three wonderful dogs. All three were very well-behaved today, and walked nicely with the other dogs joining us on the walk. The energetic Schnauzers, Chloe and Read more about Dog Walking Linden Johannesburg[…]

Pet Sitting Johannesburg

Pet Sitting Johannesburg – Three companions Tess, Duke and Bella were very excited to be going outside and playing together. We were lucky to be paying these three gorgeous dogs a visit – just to say ‘hi’, let them run around, and play a bit. They could not contain themselves when they went outside, and Read more about Pet Sitting Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walkers Northgate Johannesburg

Dog Walkers Northgate Johannesburg – Off to the park we went! Molly and Sam were super excited to be going for their walk. They were jumping around when they were fetched, and almost sprinted from home to the park. They dashed to the nearest dam as soon as they could, and had a good cool Read more about Dog Walkers Northgate Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walkers Sandton Johannesburg

Dog Walkers Sandton Johannesburg – Ekho and Loki, our favourite two Vizslas, joined our weekly walk in the park and had a fantastic time with the other dogs! They were able to run around freely and chase sounds to their hearts’ content. The two were full of energy when we got to the park, and Read more about Dog Walkers Sandton Johannesburg[…]

Dog Walker Randpark Ridge

Dog Walker Randpark Ridge – Happy Alaskan Malamutes, Dulux and Belle were excited as ever to be going on their morning walk! They are some of the happiest pups we know! They had a relaxed walk of the area, which is really nice in the morning as it’s not too hot for these two. Because Read more about Dog Walker Randpark Ridge[…]

Dog Walker Jozi

Dog Walker Jozi – It was a crisp morning, with the lovely pups of Your Hound. Two Schnauzers, Chloe and Bella, joined the walk with Ozzy and Roxy, as well as Alsatians Penny, Zorin and Tawnee. These two fireballs of energy always have a blast getting to explore with their friends. They meet new people, Read more about Dog Walker Jozi[…]

Dog Walker Jukskei Park

Dog Walker Jukskei Park – Happy dogs Duke and Tess had a lovely walk this morning. They could not contain their excitement, and were jumping about before calming down to focus on the walk. Duke was very energetic today, and curious to smell all the new smells in the area. Tess was also quite curious, Read more about Dog Walker Jukskei Park[…]

Dog Walker Randburg

If you like what you see, please like or share our page, or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook Dog Walker Randburg – Due to a small scheduling restriction, the walkers at Your Hound decided we would do two morning walks in one. We walked a total of nine dogs at once! We had Schnauzers Chloe and Bellamy, Read more about Dog Walker Randburg[…]

Dog Walker Bryanston

Dog Walker Bryanston – Penny, Zorin and Tawnee were very excited when they heard their walkers arrive. Zorin was particularly spritely this morning, greeting his walkers with great enthusiasm as soon as possible. We picked up their friends Chloe and Bella on the way, and had a lovely time. Ozzy and Roxy also joined in the Read more about Dog Walker Bryanston[…]