Dog Walking in Sandton – Welcome to the pack, Benny! We met Benny a few weeks ago, and loved him the moment we met him! He is a spunky little pup who has a lot of energy and loves to explore. At first he wasn’t really sure if we were to be trusted, but after a few fantastic trips to the park, he started to come out of his shell a bit. He now goes exploring side by side with the other Jack Russells, Ozzy and Roxy, and we think it’s the start of a great friendship. Benny now leads the pack, exploring different paths and even going swimming! He has come such a long way in such a short space of time and we can’t wait to see his progress in the coming months. We’re so happy to have Benny in the YourHound family!


Did You Know?

In a pack, a dog could almost completely rely on the leadership of the pack leaders to derive their confidence. Living with humans doesn’t mean that dogs don’t need confidence; they need it even more so since the rhythm of our lives can be hectic and emotional. Dogs build confidence when they’re able to see, smell and experience many different things and can learn about different areas of the world. This is yet another way that walking benefits dogs. When Benny is out with Ozzy and Roxy, he’s experiencing a whole new world in the park, where there’s a river, and also learning from the other dogs. He has a fantastic time and we’ve already seen so much growth! We’re very proud of him!

Source: Petnet

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