Dog Walking in Randburg

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Dulux and Belle were very excited this morning but seemed to calm down quickly. They had a few playful outbursts where they just wanted to play with each other. Otherwise, we had an absolutely wonderful walk with the two Malamutes and Jack Russells, Ozzy and Roxy. It was still nice and cool in the morning so the dogs didn’t overheat, and we decided to do our route differently, which the dogs enjoyed, as there was a lot more to get familiar with in the area. They also got a very good workout walking up and down the hills that we came across. They got lots of comments from passers-by, as usual, and we think they quite like the attention. The dogs still had some energy by the end of the walk somehow, and were’t ready to say goodbye. They are such happy dogs who just love to be loved.

Malamutes learn very quickly and are very intelligent, so it takes a real effort to keep training fun and interesting. Nothing turns a Malamute off faster than constant repetition of the same boring routine. For this reason, we are always changing the route we walk. We want to make sure these energetic dogs are mentally stimulated enough as they are physically worked.

Source: Malamute Rescue

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