Dog Walkers in Bryanston – Your Hound loves pets. No matter their breed, origin or age. We recently heard of a man who went above and beyond for a dog, which is what we always strive to do.

An Air Canada flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Toronto, Canada was diverted, as the pilot discovered there was a heating system malfunction in the plane’s cargo area. Usually this would not have hindered the journey, however, there was a seven-year-old French Bulldog named Simba in the cargo hold on his first flight. The pilot noticed the problem before the aircraft was due to head over the Atlantic Ocean, where temperatures plummet at high altitude, so he decided to land the plane in Frankfurt, Germany.

The passengers were delayed for about 75 minutes while Simba was transferred to another plane, but the reaction was mostly positive when the passengers were told the dog’s life was endangered, but was safe as a result of the diversion.

The pilot’s gesture is likely to have cost Air Canada around $10,000 (R13 000) in landing fees and additional fuel, but aviation expert, Phyl Durby said the pilot made the right call.

The owner was very grateful to the pilot for his quick thinking and said “It’s my dog, it’s like my child. It’s everything to me,” after being reunited with Simba in Toronto.

“The captain is responsible for all lives on board, whether it’s human or K-9.” 

Sources: City NewsBBC

Image: Telegraph

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