Duke Pitbull
Duke looking handsome as ever, taking a break in the shade

In the late morning, we started off the final walk of the day with two Rescue dogs, Duke and Tess. We got off to a warm start as the sun showed its strength. We made our way towards the residence of another Duke, a Pitbull. Tess and Duke were happy to meet Duke the Pitbull. They were full of energy and ready to go exploring! Ozzy and Roxy also participated in this excursion, happy to walk with their friends, as always.

We took an interesting route, with many hills and bends which worked the dogs well (and the walkers too!). On the way we met some men on working on putting up a fence, and we stopped to say hi and have a quick chat. One of the men was a part of a nearby church and was doing some community work to help keep an open property from being taken advantage of. He was curious if the walkers owned all these lovely dogs! We continued with our walk, going up some more hills and noticing some interesting smells. Duke the Pitbull is very calm and strong. Tess and Duke are a lot more excitable. It was a very successful excursion in North Riding. The group enjoyed the walk in the warm sun, and enjoyed a much deserved drink in the shade when they got home.

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