January 11, 2015

About Us


About us – Your Hound Pet Services, founded in 2011 by Jonathan Burger, a long time animal lover and entrepreneur. Jonathan has a family of animals, Jack Russells Ozzy and Roxy, an African Grey, Gigi, a collection of Finches and a few Chinese painted quails. Pre-holiday time was always a nightmare trying to arrange pet sitters and finding someone reliable was not always easy. This led to unnecessary stress before a well deserved holiday.

Your Hound Pet Services was born.

Pet Sitting – Pets stay in the comfort of their own homes and a sitter visits them daily to feed them, make sure they have clean water and give them the love and care they deserve. Our pet sitters will even make sure your plants get watered while you are away.

Dog Walking – An idea that came about while sitting in traffic. Many of us live hectic lives – we leave early in the morning and return home late at night and we hardly spend the necessary time with our dogs. Love, attention, exercise, and socialising are very important for a happy, healthy dog. Our dog walking service provides your dog with all of the above. Included in the walks are general lessons for walking on a lead and obedience. Many people are afraid of walking their own dogs. The dog may be unmanageable or the seem aggressive to the owner. In most cases this is not the dog’s fault, but fortunately we are able to address these issues. We offer a one on one dog walking service, and assure you there’s nothing to worry about when we walk your dogs.

Pet Taxi – A service created to assist you with the transportation of your pets. Many people have large dogs and loading them into  your vehicle can be a mission on its own, not to mention all that hair! Pet Taxi is here to solve all those problems for you. We’ll collect your pets and drop them off again. Problem solved!

Convenience and flexibility is key in our business. We look after many types of animals, from bearded dragons, snakes, rats, spiders to dogs and cats. For your own peace of mind, we offer free consultations just to make sure you and your pets are happy. If you’re still not sure, have a look at our great references from pet owners who say we offer fantastic services.