Dog Walking in Cresta


Today seemed like a good day to go dog walking in Cresta! Chloe and Bella were very excited to go on their morning walk of the area, with their friends Penny, Zorin, Tawnee, Ozzy and Roxy. As soon as they saw them, the pair jumped up and down and expressed their excitement vocally. After we got on our way, Chloe and Bella seemed to calm down a bit, and take in all there was to take in on the walk. It was quite a cool morning, so we moved quite fast to try and keep warm, and these two Schnauzers could not have been more happy! They are just little packages of energy dynamite. We walked past a few cars with very curious drivers, before moving onto much quieter roads. The occasional car would come past, with lovely drivers and passengers who always smiled or waved. The pack loves the attention. The Schnauzers were very happy to talk to other dogs in the neighbourhood when we went past their houses. Before we knew it, the walk was up! Chloe and Bella were not yet ready to go home, but they know we’ll see them next week. It was a wonderfully exciting morning with the group!

A Little Cartoon to Brighten Your Day…


Source: Stand Up For America

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